Jack of all trades

I can do alot of things. At one time. I've perfected the art of the multitask to a T. Being at a loss this month with no computer has left me up to my own devices to occupy my time. Watching television isn't just one task for me--ask Mr. Nick if you don't believe me. I must have my main channel with at least two backups to switch to while on commercial. At the same time, I'm reading a book, balancing my checkbook, surfing through cookbooks, chatting with the buns, washing dishes and cleaning. Restful, no. They way I roll, yes.

Not having a computer for nearly three weeks has about put me over the edge businessly speaking, yet allowed me to relax and find myself after a crazy busy (and ├╝ber fantastic!) holiday season. I've caught up on all my filing and household chores which was no major feat considering the 5ft stack of cardboard taking over my kitchen and the complete absense of solid-ground-not-covered-in-paperwork in the rest of the living area. I've completed so many tasks from my honey-do list (to myself) that there is no list any more. No joke. I even managed to fix my own sink (after I broke it, but that's besides the point). Last night I read an entire book. Cover. To. Cover. Again, it's how I roll. (James Patterson totally rocks my socks off.)

All this being said, I can comfortably say I am a Jack of Most Trades, Master of none. With a clean house, organized 'office area', and a new, reliable vehicle on the way, I can pretty much say Life is Good.

Now all I need is my computer.

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