family ties

Took some photos this weekend of my cousins, my best customers! Will have more later, but this is one of my favorites so far.


Happily ever after

Just going through photos and found some from another wedding I did. Family friends, again I got to be the second shooter. Love it!!


down home

I just got my new camera (Cannon 40D) a few months ago. I love playing around with it, especially out at my parent's house. There is just something unbeatable about walking around where you grew up and seeing it all though different eyes, so to speak.

new paint job on the ole' semi frame

yep, just tooling around the shop..pun intended...so sad. ;-)

the brother working away

can't forget about Emma...

and tucker!

to be young again

Meet my muses. 

They inspire me, indulge me, interest me, awaken my mind and remind me always of how much fun it is to be young. I take each of them for about a week sometime during the year (giving their parents a break!) and we just hang out. Very little rules, lots of fun! 

These photos were taken in April during BLH Prom weekend. Can you guess which one attended the dance and which ones stayed home!? ;-)


t. little imaging

Welcome to my blog! I must confess, I am a bit new to this blogging business. However, at the gentle insistence from my Aunt, I feel as thought it is time! I've been doing some dabbling in photography and would love some feedback from anyone--good or bad! Perhaps one day I'll figure out the direction I want to take, but for now, I just love snapping away.


I love being the second shooter at weddings--it's so fun! This wedding was in May and was absolutely gorgeous!