Cooking for a Cause

I have taken part in the Step Out  Diabetes for the past five seasons. This is the first time I have had a chance to participate in a juvenile diabetes fundraiser.

Nadia was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes last summer. Her family is putting together a cookbook as part of a fundraiser for her medical needs. Boasting recipes from households across the nation, this cookbook is a tasty treat for a good cause. I believe the book will be out sometime this summer and available for a mere $20 or so. Let me know if you are interested in buying one (or a few!) and I'll hook you up!


Summer time is in the air

Yes!!! It's almost time to be taking all outside photographs!!! Let me know if you're interested in booking summer sessions--May is already full!!

One day, I will have a coordinating website and blog with photos the way they were meant to be viewed-large. Until that day, I'll stick with this mini versions in hopes of better things to come. Thanks for being patient, I hope to have my website up by June 2009. Fingers crossed!!!

There is no way around it, I love these girls' big cheeks! I just want to squeeze them, they are so adorable, and how photogenic!! They braved the chilly weather (normal for early Minnesota March) and put on bright smiling faces. These are just a few of my favorite shots; we toted a loveseat all around the countryside in search of the perfect location. 

I think we found more than one.


Happy Birthday, Mommy!!

Ok, it's not my mom's birthday--Bean's mom! My baby sister is joining the forces of the twenty-something world. Wishing her all the joy and a fantastic time in fabulous stage of life. Love you!

These show Beans at 6 days old, now he's pushing 7 weeks. No longer a little bean, but a growing one. Considering he's not one who necessarily likes to be naked (and cold!), he did a marvelous job being cute as a button. Can't wait till April--three month photo time!! 


dress up

What a group of posers! These kids are so adorable and, lucky me!!,  I have access to them any time I want!!! I was laughing so much at the different looks they came up with, it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Such a fun twist to the original children portraits! Once Coleton got into the leisure suit coat (his great-grandpa's from back in the day) we had a hard time getting him out of it! 

And Mr. Broccoli, what big, beautiful blue eyes you have...gonna be a heartbreaker some day!


Never the girl next door...

Carrie came to me with an idea to do a portrait session based on the 50s pinup girl style (secret gift for her husband, shhhh!). I'm always up for trying something new and was way excited for this fresh (for me, anyway!) take. Could there possibly be a better way to beat the mid-winter blahs?? With Bettie Page as our guide, we set to work.

Kathleen Queen from Nevaeh Salon came for hair and makeup and Carrie's cousin stood in for wardrobe changes and support--didn't they both do an obviously stellar job? It was so much fun and I loved playing around with these post-production!!! There are plenty more where these came from, I'm just showing a teaser...

If you have any ideas or themes that you would like to try, shoot me a note and we'll see what we can do! 



My family has been great during my entire SIX YEARS of post-high school education. I have had my aunts proof my papers, used my grandfather for historical references on more than one occasion, called upon my sister and cousins to help me weigh decisions for papers and help me nitpick through the final run of my projects. Yes, they have been great and they continue to be there for me. 

Nora is no exception. She's bounced all over the US living in more than three different states and I am so pumped that she now is mere minutes away from me. When I needed a model for a project last semester, she was more than willing to help me out. A blessing for me, considering her fantastic looks and stellar attitude. I think we laughed our whole way through this shoot!