and baby makes three...

This shoot was taken about a month ago. Even with the parking issues, heat, small space, humidity, lighting constraints (and did I mention it was HOT!?) Shauna was absolutely fantastic to work with. She had great original ideas and we just had a blast following through with them. It's easy to see she's excited to be a mom!


Side note

This trip to Seattle was over a year ago (sad!) but it's one of my favorite photos!

Oh, I used it in my Photoshop class. For the 'blending images' assignment. How did I do?


Catching up...

It's been a ferociously busy summer, I'm looking forward to relaxation time... However, that doesn't look even close to possible in the near future. Whew. 
Finally finished some photos from a wedding in July. They had the perfect day, it was such a blast! Huge wedding party, but I was up to the challenge. ;-)