a smattering

Practice make perfect, right? I like trying out new techniques, poses, angles and perspectives. I haven't been able to experiment much with macro until this winter when I inherited a macro lens from Nick's cousin (thanks, Caleb!). I'm quite certain he'll want it back eventually, but until then...! Shannon and Nora have been my models for a few shoots and I used these two for my final project last semester. They are both so fun to work with, from Shannon's confused "you want me to do what?" looks to Nora's constant girlish giggling, they are definitely my personal tops models. This image of Shannon (in cowboy hat) actually was voted one of the best in the class (out of over 100 images). Sweet Shibui!

Stay tuned for more of Shannon, Nora, and (of course) beans as I try to keep on top of things in this the New Year.


All good things come to an end

I spent the last week in a daze. Not only did I get a new nephew in my life (yay!) I was also house sitting at a GORGEOUS house in the country. I really enjoy living where I am now, but it sure was fun to try something else on for size. Maybe I'll become a professional house-sitter, who knows?

Anywho, the location of the house sets it directly between frosty sunrises in the east and glowing sunsets in the west. This is what I woke up to last Thursday morning. 

Simply peaceful.


and the name is...


a new kind of waiting game

No name yet, will post as soon as I know! :-)


And the waiting is over...

Wow, what an emotional day!

It all started when I got a rather hurried call at 4:37 a.m. this morning, picked up pace at 9:30 a.m., climaxed at 11:33 a.m. and is now nearly over as I glance longingly at my bed, rumpled and certainly unmade. I have witnessed, first-hand, the fantastic act of birth for the first time almost three years ago with my cousin and her first baby girl. I cannot believe it has almost been three years, time seems to flow easily through my fingers.

I was no less fascinated today, than I was then. My baby sister had her first baby. To be honest, I believe it will be first of many. She's always been more than blessed with an innate sixth sense when dealing with children, babies especially. Through two grueling hours of pushing, she worked, sweated, and moaned like a true Cole to bring little baby bean into this world; all 8 pounds, 21 inches of him. I'm not sure I've ever felt more proud, or more privileged, to be able to witness B enter our lives and quietly settle within our hearts. Thank you so much Tawna and Charlie for letting me share this experience with you. Love you both. Congratulations.

Talking to Auntie Tasha and Uncle Troy before labor

Nine Months and Counting...

These photos were taken on Saturday, January 17. Hehe, meant to post them earlier! At least now we can see what was in there all this time! :-)

Four months vs. nine months!


I was a bit distracted driving as I stared at the clouds, willing them with all my might to hold off the big, fat raindrops for at least and hour. Which could explain, possibly, why I missed the driveway the first time. However...I have no excuse for the second...or third (the second could possible be blamed on my sister as I was on the phone with her.). Not in any way could this be blamed on my ability to drive, multitask, or follow directions. No way. ;-)

Timely enough (I was running about 15 minutes early anyway. Shocker, I know.) I arrived at Cole's house for an afternoon of agricultural adventures and marvelous motorcycle moments.

Cole: thanks for being such a good sport as we all egged you on (vaseline, man!!). You're obviously enjoyment with farming and family is a virtue not often found in people your age and I see you carrying both far into your future. Good luck with your senior year (ha, not like you'll need it!) and I hope you make it to the mountains come spring!!!


Love BaRKLee!

My best friend Calie started her own business this past fall. She makes fantastic custom furniture for dogs--they come in three different styles and many different fabrics and patterns. Check em out! www.LoveBaRKLee.com

Chops, very curious about the camera