I was a bit distracted driving as I stared at the clouds, willing them with all my might to hold off the big, fat raindrops for at least and hour. Which could explain, possibly, why I missed the driveway the first time. However...I have no excuse for the second...or third (the second could possible be blamed on my sister as I was on the phone with her.). Not in any way could this be blamed on my ability to drive, multitask, or follow directions. No way. ;-)

Timely enough (I was running about 15 minutes early anyway. Shocker, I know.) I arrived at Cole's house for an afternoon of agricultural adventures and marvelous motorcycle moments.

Cole: thanks for being such a good sport as we all egged you on (vaseline, man!!). You're obviously enjoyment with farming and family is a virtue not often found in people your age and I see you carrying both far into your future. Good luck with your senior year (ha, not like you'll need it!) and I hope you make it to the mountains come spring!!!

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