a smattering

Practice make perfect, right? I like trying out new techniques, poses, angles and perspectives. I haven't been able to experiment much with macro until this winter when I inherited a macro lens from Nick's cousin (thanks, Caleb!). I'm quite certain he'll want it back eventually, but until then...! Shannon and Nora have been my models for a few shoots and I used these two for my final project last semester. They are both so fun to work with, from Shannon's confused "you want me to do what?" looks to Nora's constant girlish giggling, they are definitely my personal tops models. This image of Shannon (in cowboy hat) actually was voted one of the best in the class (out of over 100 images). Sweet Shibui!

Stay tuned for more of Shannon, Nora, and (of course) beans as I try to keep on top of things in this the New Year.

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Kirimi said...

I live for your posts!!! ha, very nice photos. I have to say, the salt shaker was my fav. Very cool pics, all of them!