they grow up so fast

My mom's side of the family is large. I have 27 cousins and eleven 2nd cousins. Things gets crazy, but we've had some pretty memorable moments over the years. My cousin Jesse is a senior this year--I can't believe it. They just seem to become young adults overnight. We took his photos in New Prague and I had a good time catching up with him while we walked around. He hopes to go to school for some type of cooking, but isn't completely sure exactly where he wanted to be in the kitchen. I wish him the best of luck and am super pumped for him to graduate and begin the next leg of his life. Congrats!


playing some more catch up

Yes, there is green grass in these photos. Quite sure I took these in August. Superub timing, huh? ;-) Michael does demo derby's in the summer and wanted to have some photos for mementos. They turned the last one into their Christmas card this year!!


a bit of Christmas cheer

I sit here now, listening to the chit-chat of the Cole women as sugary smells waft toward me from the kitchen. Yes, it is lefsa day. Reflecting over the past two days, I'm somewhat sad that it's all over. The wrapping of the gifts, the anticipation of seeing family and loved ones, the holiday cheer that seems to be positively contagious. All that remains is crinkled paper, abandoned amongst curly ribbons, empty toy boxes, lifeless tissue paper, rainbows of color pooled together and forgotten.

However, it was a terrific holiday. I got to spend time with both sides of my family (dad's and imediate. Cole's on Saturday!), see my nephew, and play games and share in the merriment with Nick's side. I love the holidays. Everything is relaxing and life is slow, as it should be.

I have quite a few updates to add in the next few weeks to come. I'm posting one of my favorite (I have many favorites this year!) gifts from my cousin. Not only is it hilarious, it's completely functional and very useful--for some unknown reason, mine just died last week.

What gives.

Here's wishing a very happy holiday season to you and yours. Thanks for checking out and supporting my blog. Keep posted for some interesting new advancements next month!!


Baby makes three...take three...

Yep, officially still my most favorite model. I have TONS to update, but I had to throw these in early. Tawna, Charlie and baby, with roughly a month till go time. Things are going well, they're both getting pretty excited--as are the rest of us! There will be more of the three of them, her tummy keeps growing, how could I possibly just stop now!? 


Valerie and Joey

Catching up! Finally getting these photos posted from Valerie and Joey's wedding in October! These two are obviously so in love, what a great wedding to end my 'season' with. Wish you both all the happiness in the world, congrats!


Can't believe it's not November!

Wow, where does the time go? I have so much to update, I just need to find the time between surprise vacations, attending class, contributing to projects, lining up (and finishing up!) photos for the holiday and keeping a life on the side! Stay tuned, I'll have more up soon. With any luck, it'll be sometime this weekend!

Have a safe holiday season!



Fall is probably my favorite time of year. Until winter rolls around, that is. I love the crisp smell in the air, the chilly (but not cold) days, the changing of the leaves, and the common sightings of combines and tractors combing the fields. It's a common site for southern Minnesota, but one I never seem to tire of.


Preggo...not spaghetti

My baby sister is about four months pregnant in these photos. She's since popped (as they say) and now resembles a small house. Just joking, she has a cute little belly!!
I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew (I am leaning more toward nephew) and spoil the crap out of her/him. Until that day in January (ha, or December!) rolls around, I'll continue to track her progress. What can I say, she's one of my favorite models anyway!


and two become one

For the record, I throughly enjoy outdoor weddings. There is something to be said for the simple, majestic backdrop of nature. Sure, throwing caution to the wind and letting the majority of your wedding day lie in the hands of the weather gods may not be the ideal situation for some couples, but I have to say...it's worth it.

Matt and Sammy quite possibly had the most perfect day. It was bright and sunny in the morning, cloudy and dramatic during the ceremony and it only started to rain as the last guests got into their cars. Simply perfect.


a little wedding

My cousin got married and I was lucky enough to be asked to be the photographer. As always, I had a great time; the wedding party was fabulous! Everyone said it was a beautiful wedding and the couple couldn't have looked happier-I have to agree. Congratulations, love you both!!


it's about time

What a few whirl-wind weeks it has been! So much going on, so much finishing up to do! I was finally able to play a little catch-up this week, mostly due to perfectly timed breaks. A couple weeks ago a bunch of us traveled up to Ely and canoed around the Boundary Waters for the most relaxing four days I've had in quite a while. We portaged a bit, ate like kings (steak and potatoes for dinner, pancakes for breakfast, what more could you ask for??) and witnessed the beautiful fall northern-Minnesota scenery. We didn't see much wildlife, but waking up to the call of the loon was enough for me.



and baby makes three...

This shoot was taken about a month ago. Even with the parking issues, heat, small space, humidity, lighting constraints (and did I mention it was HOT!?) Shauna was absolutely fantastic to work with. She had great original ideas and we just had a blast following through with them. It's easy to see she's excited to be a mom!