a bit of Christmas cheer

I sit here now, listening to the chit-chat of the Cole women as sugary smells waft toward me from the kitchen. Yes, it is lefsa day. Reflecting over the past two days, I'm somewhat sad that it's all over. The wrapping of the gifts, the anticipation of seeing family and loved ones, the holiday cheer that seems to be positively contagious. All that remains is crinkled paper, abandoned amongst curly ribbons, empty toy boxes, lifeless tissue paper, rainbows of color pooled together and forgotten.

However, it was a terrific holiday. I got to spend time with both sides of my family (dad's and imediate. Cole's on Saturday!), see my nephew, and play games and share in the merriment with Nick's side. I love the holidays. Everything is relaxing and life is slow, as it should be.

I have quite a few updates to add in the next few weeks to come. I'm posting one of my favorite (I have many favorites this year!) gifts from my cousin. Not only is it hilarious, it's completely functional and very useful--for some unknown reason, mine just died last week.

What gives.

Here's wishing a very happy holiday season to you and yours. Thanks for checking out and supporting my blog. Keep posted for some interesting new advancements next month!!

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Natasha said...

Holy remote batman

that remote would make any sassy-squatch green with envy!