they grow up so fast

My mom's side of the family is large. I have 27 cousins and eleven 2nd cousins. Things gets crazy, but we've had some pretty memorable moments over the years. My cousin Jesse is a senior this year--I can't believe it. They just seem to become young adults overnight. We took his photos in New Prague and I had a good time catching up with him while we walked around. He hopes to go to school for some type of cooking, but isn't completely sure exactly where he wanted to be in the kitchen. I wish him the best of luck and am super pumped for him to graduate and begin the next leg of his life. Congrats!

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Natasha said...

The pictures are great!

Umm when you say, "my mom's family is large" you weren't refering to my holiday weight gain were you? No of course not. I only had a dozen cookies. Wait. No. Not that many. Okay I had a few. But you weren't. You wouldn't. Oh yeah great pictures. XO