Keeping on, keeping on...


What a crazy few weeks it has been! I have TONS to post; two weddings, a commercial job, a maternity shoot...and I promise to get it up soon. Classes started this week, so I'm trying to wrap up all my summer commitments and get back into the swing of homework and driving like a mad women (class is 40 minutes away).

Hope things are well where ever you may roam!



After looking through most of my photos, I must say I think I have a love affair with black and white and antique-ish looking photos. Not much for the full color! I'll be trying out a few new tips and tricks over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. It's a colorful looking month with commercial, maternity, wedding, and practice shoots coming up!

Happy August!

You gotta have Faith

So, to make the most of my rental weekend, I took some photos of this cute little two-year-old. I remember holding her in the hospital when she was born, I can't believe she's already two! She had the best facial expressions, she is just absolutely priceless.

All in the family

I had so much fun editing and playing around with these photos. They are just the most energetic, adorable children--and they just happen to be cousins! 

Mr. K

Miss M and Miss C

Miss Lala, Mr. Digger, and Baby

Mr. Isaiah and Mom

Four sisters=six grandkids+one on the way!