Summer time is in the air

Yes!!! It's almost time to be taking all outside photographs!!! Let me know if you're interested in booking summer sessions--May is already full!!

One day, I will have a coordinating website and blog with photos the way they were meant to be viewed-large. Until that day, I'll stick with this mini versions in hopes of better things to come. Thanks for being patient, I hope to have my website up by June 2009. Fingers crossed!!!

There is no way around it, I love these girls' big cheeks! I just want to squeeze them, they are so adorable, and how photogenic!! They braved the chilly weather (normal for early Minnesota March) and put on bright smiling faces. These are just a few of my favorite shots; we toted a loveseat all around the countryside in search of the perfect location. 

I think we found more than one.

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tawna said...

i love how you come up with such sweet ideas....i am so lucky to have you as my sister!!!! hehe