So, still no computer. Of my own, to speak of anyway. It's in getting revamped with even more space than before and I sincerely hope to have it back by this Friday--the work is really starting to pile up!! :-) No computer equals a somewhat lame post (meaning lack of photo) but here I am anyway. Go figure.

This weekend was super exciting for our family as my sister and her boyfriend announced their engagement!!! Could I be any more pumped for them? I think not! She called me about 10:43 p.m. Saturday screaming 'I'M ENNNGGGUUUDFBBBLAAAHP' (that's what it sounded like. No joke.) I had to ask her to tell me again before I really understood what she was talking about! :-) In true Tawna style, by mid-Sunday a date had already been set and plans were underway. I'm so excited to help her plan and to watch her, Charlie and Gavinn really start their own family together.

Dear sister--much love and happiness to you. I couldn't possibly hold more good feelings for you right now! I wish the three of you the best of love and all things imperfectly supuerb. Enjoy these months of planning, knowing the rest of your life awaits you. Love you, T.

Side note...I totally get my very own first brother-in-law!!! Sweet...2010 is turning around faster than I thought it would! :-)

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Kirimi said...

Yayee! Congrats to everyone- SO exciting. We're going to do everything in our power to be there for the big day!