Misdirection in 2010

So...2010 has proved, thus far, to not be my favorite. Since the beginning of this year my car has broken down-again-, my computer crashed and I've had the 72 hour flu. And it's only January 6th. I'm thinking this might be one of those years that start at the bottom with things progressively getting better? I hope so! :-)

For the grace of good family, good friends, good humor and a somewhat healthy immune system, these issues are only minor.

Either way, my computer is out of commission for the next week or so. This means my blog posts and print orders will be non-existent until I get my baby back, restored and feeling good. (Email responses will be sketchy at best as I won't have constant computer access.) I'm SO SORRY for the wait, but, on the brighter side, I don't think I lost any information (i.e. photos!) so high-five to me for backing things up!

I'll be posting again once I get things back to normal, thanks for all your patience and here's to a healthier climb in 2010!!!

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