Just dance!

I've never been to a dance competition. Like, ever.

My Aunt called me a few weeks ago and invited me to tag along at a invitational for the local high school dance team. Being more than slightly embarrassed that my cousin had been on the dance team for years and I had yet to attend a competition, I heartily agreed to join her. I had no idea what to expect and, I honestly have to admit, I was a bit blown away and totally hooked watching these girls perform. Insane. I'm almost quite positive that my body has never been, and will never be, able to bend or move like that. Really makes me look like the convulsive one on the dance floor. No, I'm not having a seizure, I'm just rocking all my moves. These girls, however, can bust it. Hard core.

High Kick and Jazz...and winning first place!! :-)


Yeah, she's taller than me. As a junior. In high school. I totally grabbed the short straw in the family milkshake when it came to height, dancing skills, competitive spelling and overall clothing style. However, I can pretty much out eat anyone.
So bring it.

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