teeny tid bit

Yep, I'm so lame that I'm blogging at 1:22 a.m. on a Saturday night. This after I have spent the last 4 hours staring my computer in the fizzace -it's a word- rehashing all expeditures from 2009 in preparation for my tax man.

Yeah, I'm that cool that I can spend my Saturday night blogging and preparing tax documents.
Don't hate.

Since I am about the worst when it comes to waiting, here's a little nugget from earlier today. Chicken nuggets sound delectable. This is another cousin of mine (I have many). Seriously, we come from the same tree people. In some wrong twist of fate, my apple rolled oh-so-far away. Poor lonely apple.
(It's late, cut me some slack.)

Just one for now...plenty more to come soon...promise, promise (say it twice you really mean it, mean it!)!!


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