St. Patty's and birthday wishes

I don't remember the exact moment you were brought home, but I do recall stories that I was mad because I wanted a brother. After a while, I must have conceded and thought a little sister was alright, too. Someone to play barbies and 'Mommies' with (why the heck was that the name of that game?). Someone to make endless treasure hunts for and a student to sit in my play classroom. A forgiving and patient model for all my photography endeavors. A talk show guest. An enemy in 4-wheeler hide-and-go-seek-tag. Someone to ride bikes with and read stories to. A fellow co-hort to jump in the rain puddles with and to drink hot cocoa with later. A friend to have lunch with (whether it be on top of the little house at the end of the driveway or a more established Hogan Brothers) or to call simply to shoot the breeze. Yes, a sister is alright. Sure, there may be a hole in my door from where you stabbed it with a butcher knife and a cut under your eye from one of the many brother adventures, but that's just a part of normal childhood wear and tear. As you finally come into the 20-something world, I have to say that I'm so proud and happy to have you as my sister. Who would have thunk it?! I'm so happy for the person you are turning out to be and feel so blessed to have a sister who I can also call one of my best friends.

Happy birthday, Cletus. You're alright.


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