a day for love

I sit today with so many words, thoughts and emotions coursing through my system. It's my favorite kind of day. A delicious-smelling pork concoction slow roasting in the oven, turnovers cooling on the counter top, relatives who were once far away are now home again, safe and sound. With the snow whirling outside, cozy fire lighting the room inside and a relaxing evening with Mr. Nick ahead of me, how could I possibly be anything more than nonsensically content.

But I am.

It was roughly three years ago while I was sitting at my desk in a windowless office, laughing to myself in amusement over the fates of life. Is this what I went to four years of college for? So I could make copies, run errands and do computer work in a job that doesn't even come close to inspiring my creative side or nurture the person whom I eventually want to become? No. I don't think so. Even though I had no idea which course of action I wanted to take, I knew that there had to be something more, something different. Something strenuous and difficult, something that would be ridiculously challenging at times thus being that much more fulfilling and enjoyable when the sun had set and the day was done.

I cannot thank my lucky stars enough. Going back to school and figuring out the career that's really for me, that's really me, is possibly one of the biggest risks and the best random decision that I have ever made.

So here I sit, reflective on life as I know it. The balancing act of the hard times complimented with so many more better days. The risks taken and the rewards gained. I am so thankful for the life, love, family, friendships and all that I value and hold dear. And it is oh, so much the sweetest Valentine's gift I could ever give myself.

Happy Valentine's day.


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