30 years love

A few weeks ago, I recieved a letter in the mail that wasn't a bill nor was it soliciting insurance or grocery savings--how stoked was I? I lifted the flap and instantly smiled when I read the inside info. My Aunt and Funky Unky (yeah, just go with it) would be celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. My parents, as well as Mr. Nick's parents, also threw down the big 3-0 within the last six months...must have been a busy time in...1980...? What? haha...Anywho, being married on the leap year, there really isn't an exact day to celebrate this year, but that's all semantics anyway. Ever so creative and thoughtfully, my fav cousins Kirimi and Emily (and I can so legally say that as all my cousins are my fav) had organized a sweet little surprise plan. In lieu of a major party (we're spread thoughout the nation. No joke.) they decided to host a memory party. They sent out little 3x5 inch cards for us to write our memories of the happy couple and mail them back to be assembled in a book and presented as one united gift. What a great idea!

Since I'm still getting reorganized in the photo filing, I opted for another approach and clip-arted the heck out of it.

To my dear Aunt and Uncle; I thank you for all the great memories of the past and look forward to those yet to be made. It's always an adventure with you both, thanks for letting me tag along. With much love and gratitude for everything, TD.



Kirimi said...

Awesome :-) They LOVED your card, and the booked turned out perfectly. And now I'm going to print this blog entry and add it to the book! Thanks for making their 30th extra special- no celebration (in person OR by mail) is complete without "The Dish" :-)

The Dawnster said...

Although late in posting this comment, we want you to know that we loved your card. Took awhile to figure out Italy but we did and that is what we will aim for! Thank you for helping us celebrate the first 30! LOVE YOU!