Yea, baby, she's got it

Whatever 'it' is, this chick's got it.

Like I said before, Kiersten is a beautiful individual. We met for the first time moments before these photos were taken and it was like hanging out with a good friend. As we enjoyed our nature tour (no joke, we saw squirrels, hawks, chipmunks, rabbits, and, yes, the occasional spider--sorry bout that one!) I got to know a truly unique person. 

Kiersten, sorry about the fence, those things will happen. ;-) I am super jazzed for your future, be it Brown, Yale, Gustavus or wherever! (I will SO hop on the bragging bandwagon). Enjoy your senior year, thanks for an awesome and laid-back afternoon! -T

Everyone has to have that 'one for mom'!!! :-)

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