Yesterday after work, I arrived at my house in a funk. What kind of funk, I’m not entirely sure, but a funk just the same. I wasn’t sad/mad, nor was I happy/excited. It was one of those afternoons where a unicorn could slide down from the sky on a rainbow and jump out in front of my car and bleet and me and I would shrug my shoulders and think, ‘eh’. It wasn’t a particular stressful or unordinary day…just a blah afternoon, that’s all. Anywho, I walked into my garage and to the back steps, getting in the mindset to really dig in and get down to business, when I spied it. There it was—my Wednesday salvation! Leaning against the rail was my own personal brown paper package, sans string.

I have had a particular pose in mind for going on two years now, but have needed certain equipment to fulfill my imagined composition. This isn’t rocked science, and it may not even be that cool, but I’m still pretty jazzed about it—that and the fact that my partner-in-crimes-unmentionable (teehee) gets to be the little piggy I try it out on (next weekend, stay tuned). Somewhat stoked and feeling the fog lift from my brain, I basically skipped down the stairs to my basement dwelling. Now…I distinctly remember thinking to myself, ‘yay for Wednesday’ as I opened the door…and then just as quickly my hopeful, happy thoughts dissipated as my brain slowly digested the scene in front of me.

Now, usually I am all about spilling the beans and blogging my heart out, **hello online diary!**, but if this got back to my roommates, I believe it would be grounds for possible removal of my domesticated household friends and possibly myself, so I’m going to keep the lid on this one (ok, I’m totally over-exaggerating here, but play along with me). Let’s just say that all I could do was push my organizational plans off for about an hour and a half and get to work. Oh, yeah, I also laughed until I nearly had tears. Because in any situation, when you think you’re in dire straights and there is no way out, when you think the top of your head is going to fly off and steam come rolling out yours ears, you might as well take a big, deep breath, let it out slow and just laugh it off.

I did accomplish what I hoped to yesterday and then some. And finally, right before I went to bed in the wee morning hours, I remembered my lovely brown package. I carefully removed the packaging tape, lifted the flap, and shuffled amongst the plastic air-filled cushions…and had to smile.

Here’s to Thursday!! ☺

The culprits

Thor stretched out in his usually position (on a Rubbermaid tub in front of the 1975 freezer—the lid is meant to keep his nosy self out from under there, where we discovered that he very much likes to chew on the wires)


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