Crazy, I know!! I have ONE singular day open from now until October 31. Any takers? Anyone want to schedule a session for Thursday, October 22? It will be really pretty and special and nice and everything fantastic and glowy about life. (Yep. It's true!)

November is as open as . . . something . . . that's really open. :-)
Think snow shots or bright sweaters against a fabulous natural brown backdrop.

Also, keep in mind that Christmas/New Years/Hanukkah is right around the corner! I do design custom greeting cards for the holiday season and guarantee that NOBODY will have a card that looks just like yours (sure beats Walgreens, eh?). Gimme a buzz or shoot me an email for specifics. All holiday card orders must be placed by Tuesday, December 8. 

If you're thinking that your beautiful face would really make somebody's Christmas extra special (which, to be honest, it totally would) order up some canvas gallery hangings (so beautiful and classic) or ask me about other print ideas. To ensure your print arrives in time for the holidays, all print orders MUST be placed by Friday, December 11.

Ahem...gift cards also make great gifts. Teehee. 

What a great plug this post is!

Have a super awesome Tuesday!!!

Since everything is better with a photo...Here's a little bite from Alicia and Josh's BEAUTIFUL wedding two weeks ago...


Ahhh...I heart it.

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