the business of...well, business

It's interesting how one simple task can quickly evolve into something so seemingly daunting and elaborate. Because I throw everything out there (and I throw everything else into the wind), I am taking a break from working on the task at hand...to blog about the task at hand.


We're not talking about brown paper packages tied up with string here. Although, they really could be as the contents inside are some of my favorite things. No, we're talking about portrait and wedding packages. Prints, canvases, albums, proofs, discs (yes...I said it...digital negatives...). I'm up to my eye balls in samples, options, textures, colors, sprays, you-name-it-I'm-in-it and, although I am throughly enjoying my photo-geek-self, I am finding that I am  continuously getting stuck. I thought this job would take a day or two (silly me) and here I am, two and a half weeks later. Planted in front of the computer on a gorgeous Monday afternoon. When everyone else is at the lake. Wow. I. Am. A. Nerd. I've always enjoyed organizing and putting things together to make a cognitive whole, but this...this is another story. I can't get a grip on it--I love it all and want to offer everything to everyone and their mom. It's nuts. How do you put a price on priceless memories?

So, yes. I will forge though the forest of fog and heat and arrive on the other side with packages to offer for all to enjoy. And, yes, they will most certainly change as my photography, business and self ebbs and flows within the realm of the design and creativity. 

Stay tuned for final options...this chick is hitting the beach.

Happy Labor Day!!!

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Natasha said...

Oh this is the suck side of business but your lovely language makes it sound less sucky!!