Kool-Aid Smiles

For many years when I was younger, my grandparents invited all their potty-trained grandkids to stay over at their house for a few days before the 4th of July. We'd do crafts, play in the lake, make up 'after dark' games and generally have a great time. Meals were fit for a king and were more an experiment in social Darwinism than anything else (only the strong survive). Our beverage options were usually split between milk, water or sugar-free cherry Kool-Aid (Papa was diabetic) and did we ever soak up the sweet stuff. To this day, I remain faithful to cherry Kool-Aid.

The first time my grandparents decided to test out this now tradition, there were about 10 of us and we stayed for just a night or two. The last time, there were over 20 and we stayed for nearly a week. This tradition slowly tapered off after Papa died in 2003, but the memories will forever be imprinted in my mind, especially around this time of year.

To all the families out there cherishing their three-days weekend and celebrating one of the greatest moments in our nations' history, I say cheers and have a great Independence Day.

As for me, psssh, this lady is headed lakeside for a glorious weekend. Catch you on the flip side!


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Natasha said...

I have to say I cried a little at this post. Not because I was there but because of those who never will and of course because..... well you know. Oh how I miss him.