Driving Miss Daisy

I love this beautiful, gorgeous, fire-burning, tree-topping, brown-grass-growing, bicycle-lane-observing state. Oregon.

Today, me and Sassy Pants got to hang out all day. We visited cousin Em and bf Greg about 60 miles south and basically had a fun, relaxing, good time. When Sassyfrass got up this morning, she was in her basic 'I love the day' clothing. We dropped her daddy off at work so the two of us could borrow the car for the day and that's when things turned interesting. We wondered back to the house to get things packed up for our afternoon adventure (plus I needed some breakfast and I had already promised her TOAST. Never met a child (let alone ANYONE) who enjoyed toast so much. Crazy.). 

Anywho, she was singing songs and dancing around as I packed a 'just in case' bag for the day and soon came prancing down the hall in a tutu. Her, not me. 

Fair enough. 

As I filled the juice cup with 1/2 water and 1/2 apple juice, she came sprinting in with a blue, feathery, wintertime-ish, cape thing. And tutu. Over the pink shirt and brown leggings. 


In rapid succession came the necklace, purse and singular mitten. Yes, singular mitten. In July.

Go figure.

All in all, I was super pumped that this is how we started the day.




Oh, the shirt, pants, shoes, tutu and necklace were the only things that lasted the entire day. The purse, cape, and mitten were out the door as soon as we...were out the door. Of the car. In Eugene. Excellent road trip.

Just in case you were curious.

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