sneaky peek

...my cousin Amy has the most adorable children. Actually, all my cousins have super cute kids. On both sides of the family. My one cousin goes so far as to not even have any ugly friends, too. I offered her $50 this week if she could show me a photo of one friend who was ugly. She could not. haha...

Anywho, there was talk of storms and tornado warnings yesterday, but Amy and I decided to keep our date (having rescheduling it before due to weather) and came out with some awesome shots. Love these kids.

I had a seriously stellar engagement shoot that I took Monday night, heat humidity and all, and stayed up until the wee morning hours to process...and actually finished it. But more on that later. Because of my late night obsession, I was able to get quite a few of the shots from last night finished at some unknown hour this morning, but I'm going to be a tease and just show one for now. Teehee.

Post script: Thanks Amers for all the Kix, tuna and peanut butter! Lovely.


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