Cruise for two? Ummm...yes please!?

A couple weeks ago, when Mr. Nick and I were talking on the phone, he casually brought up that he had been entered into a drawing for the local BNI group and had won one of the grand prizes. Thinking it would be a 21 speed bike or a fruit-of-the-month club membership, I was casually interested. And then he said he won a cruise for two. As in, the two of us. Hot dog!

Thank you, Dr. Misner, you are my hero. ;-)

We left early (like, 3:00 a.m.) for the airport Friday morning and boarded the ship in Miami a bit after noon. We arrived in at the Nassau, Bahamas, port at 10 a.m. on Saturday. Relaxed on the beach all day--hello fantastic warmth! Sunday was all on the boat and we got back to Miami mid-morning on Monday.

Fantastic whirlwind vacay...

sporting the beach kicks...

Good-bye Miami...

...and hello Nassau!


beach bums

after we got back to Miami we had time to kill so we toured the Everglades on an air boat...then tried the local fare...


still had more time before going home so we hit up South Beach!

thanks, Mr. Nick!!!!


Kirimi said...

What?! How the heck are you so lucky?!

PS- What's jealous and has two thumbs?

I think you know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Great photos but, One question.....
why did you include a picture of your mothers toes covered in sand?