It wasn't what one would call the best start. 

About 11:00 Saturday morning Mr. Nick and I decided we should look up our intinerary for our flight which was to leave Sunday at 3:30. Funny thing is, we couldn't find them. Anywhere. We even called and apparently our reservations were never finalized.


We quickly jumped online to find new tickets-for our same flight it would have been nearly double what our other tickets were supposed to be. After being incredible disappointed at the thought of not being able to go we found tickets near the price of the 'originals'. Hitch was, we needed to leave for the airport in about three hours.

Well...we made it. Sure I completely forgot to pack a few key items and some of the things I had planned to accomplish before I left still remain on my To Do list, but...we made it!!!

Here are a few pics from a hike we took today. It started to rain/sleet/snow, so we didn't get to go rock climbing like we planned, but we still got a cool view...


Ricky showing Nick some climbing skills

My hiking boots...were left at home.
...the Borns will have to do...


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