I'm trying...

Alright. I was super pumped because after about an hour of trying, I thought I had finally figured out how to post larger images on this site. I tried uploading from Flickr, that didn't work. I tried re-writing in HTML, that also let me down. As you can see, I was able to widen the inner and outer wrappers of this site in preparation for the birth of bouncing, joyful 20 lb. images (as opposed to these 8 lb. baby wanna be's)... I am now frustrated and tired and I think I'm getting kicked out of this coffeehouse. I have been here for nearly three hours...

Anywho, I will try SUPER HARD this week to catch up on my postings, but only AFTER I figure out how to get these images bigger. These teeny, weeny 'large' image posts are so NOT cutting the pickle for me. It's like the antithesis of 'the bees knees', if you catch my drift. Side note: I have never used that word before and am now somewhat pleased that I was able to use it in a complete sentence.

Good grief.

Stay tuned for MANY more images as I am so far behind and intend to play lots and lots of catch up in the next few weeks.


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